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Our bodies are incredible systems.  We are meant to be able to...

  • Move powerfully and effortlessly
  • Be strong with or without nice big muscles 
  • Maintain an ideal weight WITHOUT riding the crazy diet and exercise roller coaster
  • NOT succumb to many of the issues we've been told are just a part of aging/genetics/life
  • LOVE the body we are in

↑↑↑ THIS is my goal as a trainer and coach, to help you experience all of the above ↑↑↑  

When you work with me, be prepared to...

  • Tell me all about your goals, dreams, lifestyle, exercise history, injury, aches & pains
  • Have a program designed just for you - with exercises you both NEED and want :D
  • Let go of many of your beliefs about health and fitness - they are likely holding you back!
  • Have MANY "ah-ha" moments (my own mind has been blown many times with all I have learned)
  • Have fun! 

Fitness trends that are unhealthy and NOT part of my approach:

  • No pain no gain attitude
  • Calorie obsession and dieting 
  • Excessive exercise or cardio training
  • "Biggest Loser" type berating

I'm here to boost you up, push you to your best safely, be honest about your needs and what is holding you back,  be supportive, and give you fun and challenging workouts!
All Certifications

  • Exercise Coach, CHEK Institute
  • ELDOA Level 1 & 2, Guy VOYER, DO
  • Personal Trainer Specialist, canfitpro
  • Fitness Leadership Certificate, Humber College
  • CPR Certified
Certified CHEK Exercise Coach

"C.H.E.K Institute trained professionals are recognized as experts in their field. C.H.E.K Coaches have advanced knowledge in training ranging from rehabilitation to corrective exercise to high performance conditioning", so you can be sure you are in good hands!
Training Approach
Professional Bio
On a more personal note...
I'm a mom, stepmom, and wife!

I learn and practice drums in my spare time.  I took it up a few years back and discovered I'm pretty good at it!  

My teen years were in the best decade, the crazy eighties!

I'm a bit of a concert junkie 

Nova Scotia is a place close to my heart where we like to travel to regularly

​I have mild scoliosis and regularly practice ELDOA to keep it in check

I love martial arts and took Taekwondo for a number of years, stopping when I became pregnant

I was "bit" by the weight training bug back when I was 15 years old

I used to work in a corporate job, transitioning to the fitness industry in 2011

Way back, I made many mistakes concerning exercise that affected my posture, caused me serious back, neck, shoulder issues, and resulted in very limited flexibility and mobility...

...Throw in a c-section and diastasis rectii on top of the above and this girl had some work to do to learn how to fix her issues 

But, it's all been worth it, as these experiences combined with my love of teaching clients how to resistance train, has helped me to be a better trainer.

*Disclaimer:  Information regarding training and exercise on this site is of a general nature.  Results are dependant on the individual and may vary. Always consult your physician before making any dietary changes or starting any nutrition, weight control or exercise program.