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The Exercises

Unless you have performed an ELDOA exercise, you haven't experienced anything quite like it!   

To help describe the exercises, the closest example would be Yoga, and how it includes postures held to increase stamina and alignment.  

ELDOA are also "held postures", but they are very different in that each exercise targets a specific joint of the spine.   The goal of each exercise is to increase the space within that joint.

How It Works

The ELDOA utilize the body's myofascial system to carefully create tension around a specific joint of the spine.  As the position and tension is held, the space between the joint widens.  
Spine Health

Creating space results in:

  • disc hydration
  • reduced disc compression
  • normalized disc bulges
  • pain reduction
  • reduced degrees of scoliosis
  • reduced stiffness
  • improved spine mobility

The ELDOA Method
Who Should Try It?
Everyone!  Especially if you are...

...already very active with exercise and sports

ELDOA are a perfect compliment to other exercise and sports, helping to keep the body mobile and flexible, reducing the risk of injury. 

...using electronics, driving, sitting, traveling frequently

Use ELDOA to help reverse or prevent the all too common “forward head and hunched back” postures prevalent in this day and age. Besides our looks, this type of posture hinders the function of our respiratory system, digestive system, and nervous system, leading to a host of issues and disease.  

...wanting to keep the joints limber and healthy for longevity

As we age, joint issues pose a lot of risk for falls and injury. ELDOA is a perfect tool to keep the joints healthy.
Posture & All Joint Function

  • correct forward head posture
  • correct excessive curve posture (kyphosis, hyperlordosis)
  • relieve neck, shoulder, back, hip pain
  • improve joint function
  • prevent or correct orthopedic issues


​Performing the ELDOA consistently will help improve:

  • balance, stability, mobility, flexibility
  • muscle strength and endurance
  • organ function 
  • blood circulation
  • respiratory function
  • body awareness
  • overall wellbeing and vitality!

*Disclaimer: The ELDOA classes are not meant to diagnose or offer medical advice. Do not rely on the information provided as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or other registered health care providers. If you have specific questions about any medical matter, please consult your physician or professional health care provider. All those with a chronic/acute injury or medical condition who wish to attend the ELDOA METHOD Classes must first receive clearance from their doctor or registered health professional prior to participation.

...a professional in the health industry

Word of this amazing tool is reaching high level sports therapy and training, and is even being used by many major professional sports and Olympic training camps.   Many therapists and trainers are also seeing it as an indispensable tool in helping clients and patients.  Come and check it out!

~ Exercises are modified to suit everyone’s specific needs and restrictions ~
The History of ELDOA
ELDOA is a French acronym for "Etirements Longitudinaux avec Decoaptition Osteo-Articulaire". In English, it stands for Longitudinal Osteo-articular Decoaptation Stretching, or LOADS.

To learn about the origins of ELDOA, please visit the following website of it's creator, world renowned osteopath Guy Voyer, DO: