Renee J Fitness 

How It Works
Consultation & Screening

During the consultation we will discuss your goals, fitness background, expectations, etc. and you'll have an opportunity to learn more about me, and have all your initial questions answered.  The next step will be to complete a few health screening forms.


During the initial session I will assess your posture, movement patterns, mobility/flexibility, and core function.  I then take all the info gathered from the consultation, questionnaires, and assessment and design a program that I will base our workout sessions on and online program (if applicable).

Workout Sessions & Exercises

Sessions run 60 minutes and include a warm up and cool down period.  

During the workout you can expect to perform various exercises for: mobility, flexibility, strength, and endurance.  

Depending on your program, training may include bodyweight exercises and the use of bands, dumbbells, bars & plates, a functional trainer, TRX system, medicine balls, aerobic step, kick boxer, and battle ropes.

*Disclaimer:  Information regarding training and exercise on this site is of a general nature.  Results are dependant on the individual and may vary. Always consult your physician before making any dietary changes or starting any nutrition, weight control or exercise program.
Based on Packages

Various packages are available with discounts for volume, partner, and small group training. Please inquire.


Are free and no obligation.  Come and check out the studio and let's chat to find out more details about each other!

Personal Training Services
One on One & Small Group Training 

Sessions are done in my private studio, either one on one, with a partner, or in a small group of three (maximum).

Kickstarter Option 

One on one private sessions in studio to start, with an online program to follow after for training on your own.